Services Provided by the St. Hope Foundation Dentistry Program

Rodney Goodie studied sociology at the University of Houston and later received a master of business administration and health care from Texas Tech University. For nearly two decades, Rodney Goodie has led Houston’s St. Hope Foundation as its chief executive officer.

Established in 1999, the St. Hope Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that provides a variety of health care services to the local community. The foundation helps patients with an array of needs, ranging from adult and pediatric medical and dental care to nutritional counseling.

The St. Hope Foundation Dentistry Program is capable of providing the most basic dental services, such as routine teeth cleaning, as well as comprehensive dental solutions, including dental screenings and x rays prior to transplant, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. The foundation also carries Invisalign tooth straighteners.

Dental services can be rendered at a number St. Hope locations, including the Sugarland Health Center and the Bellaire Health Center. To learn more about the St. Hope Foundation Dentistry Program, as well as foundation medical services, or to find a nearby St. Hope Foundation location, visit